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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Mega Man Battle Network 3

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Game Name : Mega Man Battle Network 3
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2004-10-09 15:28:57
Views : 23516

Regular Chips
When you press Select on a chip in your folder it becomes your regular chip might I add that for the selected chip to become your regular chip you need to have enough memory (displayed in the right hand corner in your folder) to use that chip as your regular chip (the memory needed to use that chip is on the right hand side of your screen beside the chips)

to increase your memory find programs REG +??

here is a list of REG+?? and where to find them

Inside the DNN station go into the lobby with the vending machine and press A at the boxes and cloud scnes near the vending machine

At Hades Ile near the boat dock (I think its a REG+ or it's a HP memory) Press A around the left side of the ramp)

Also check the area's where you fight boss navis to find some very helpful and interesting Items.

Climbing the Under ranks
(Before I start I am writing this out of pure memory so the info may be a bit shady)

After defeating the 10 navis to earn your right to battle a ranked navi a voice will give you a clue.....(I won't tell you excatly where to find The Ranked Navi’s that spoils the fun of playing the game)

# 10- Where evil falls
= Hades Iles jack into the computer where you had to obtain the Victory data in order to win the N1

After saving roll

#9- Where Science gives life
= Jack into any where (I prefer Tamako's HP in Yoka by the Ura Inn gift shop she has a shortcut to beach square there) Head to beach 1 and go to the place where the hospital is connected to beach area in there you will find #9.

when #9 gives you his rank

# 8 Rednu3
= Rednu3 is under3 so head to where you fought Flamman and prepare to fight.... the Zookeeper??
(If you want a hint about beating him use alot of swords in your folder for him lunging claw attacks) try to keep your hp high for this fight for directly after defeating the zookeeper
the former ranked #8 will tell you that the clue for # 7 is The Head of Learning then pounce on you for his rank back

#7 The Head of Learning
head to Lan's school and jack into the Principal's PC go to the Principal PC 2 and find #7 there he won't battle you he will give you a clue One of many Birds- does Maramouru's Origami ring a bell?? bring it back to him and he will give you rank 7

After Jacking out you will recieve a Email from Chaud Head to ACDC square ASAP after getting the invitation head to the bottom of the hill in Under 4 (before doing this you might want to save for you have a battle with Copyman as … well you’ll see) you finally see your best friend Dex and Gutsman again after he jack out and tells you to follow him he will reappear but he will battle you but this is not Gutsman he’s the #3 ranked Navi Copyman able to copy anyone’s appearance and attacks use the same tatctics as you do on Gutsman but watch out for his Z-punch. (I found it really useful to have air shoes for this Navi you can get it by going to the number trader at higsby’s and entering number 23415891

#2 a Place of Battle
Jack out and head to The DNN station go on stage and jack into the N1 battle pod they put there for the semi finals talk to and defeat Bowlman then he will tell you where S is

Rank 1 Serenade

The Undernet Server is actually behind all those pots inside the Ura Inn Bathtub
Head there and press A by the boulder a elevator opens

I hope this will help you. It took me three weeks to beat that part of the game.

Style Changes
Over the game you will have a Style Change. These allow you to change yourself into an element. These are all the style changes:

Element Types:
Heat Element- Megaman's charged buster transforms into a flame thrower
Aqua Element- Megaman's charged buster transforms into a bubbler shot (splash back effect)
Wood Element- Megaman's charged buster transforms into a multi-hit whirlwind (only reaches 2 pannels ahead- if you ask me, suckiest style although you can heal hp on grass pannels)
Elec Element- Megaman's charged buster transforms into ZapRings with stun the enemy for a few seconds

Style Types:
Guts Style
Sheild Style
Custom Style
Team Style (Best style if you ask me)
Ground Style (Only available in White Version)
Bug Style
Shadow Style (Only available in Blue Version)

P.S.: I am not so sure about Zerro.exe appearing after obtaining all 5 stars and omega navis, since i only got 4 stars (i need to beat the time attack navis). And i'm going to try and check that. *No offense to the cheat poster*

All the Giga Class Chips
Collecting chips is hard, but some are worth it. Especially the Giga Chips which are super strong, although you can't get some without a game link. Here are all the Giga Chips: *Des.= Description)

Blue Only:
FolrBak atk: 0 Des.: Restores all chips in folder
Bass+ atk: 550 Des.: Smashes Panels
DarkAura atk: 0 Des.: Repels attacks under 300
DeltaRay atk: 220 Des.: up to 3 attacks
AlphaArmy'Q' atk: 550 Des.:Launches a giant rocket

White Only:
NavRcycl atk: 0 Des.: Recalls last Navi used
Bass atk: 90 Des.: Chip explodes for 3 squares
Serenade atk: 100 Des.: holy power to front
AlphaArm'M'atk: 50 Des.: 3-stage electric attack

Both Versions:
To sum it all up.... All version 5 of Navi Chips are Giga Chips

BassGS atk: 700 Des.: Bass's secret weapon (i got this chip, but i dont know how to use it)

Blue Version is better!
Although there are 2 versions, it seems the Blue Version is better since it has better Giga Chips and extra stuff like:

1.While in Yoka, near the power plant line, where Chizao was stuck on, you will see the world-famous SciLab Netbattlers assistant (in White), but you meet Mr.Famous himself in Blue version.

2.The Navi Recycle chip is a good chip, but its not as powerful as the Folder Back Chip which brings back All the chips in your folder that you have used.

3. Most Giga Chips in Blue are more powerful than the ones in the White version.

4. *As in point number 1* you can obtain the PunkMan mega class chip from Mr.Famous which is needed to obtain the purple star.

In my opinion the Blue version is better than the White, but everyone can have their opinions to anything.
(I hope the new coming versions *Megaman Battle the Network 4 Red-Sun and Blue-Moon* are more equal/balanced. Becuase Blue and White arent very balanced at all)

Numberman Machine (complete)
All the codes for the Numberman Machine in Higsby's shop. All these codes can only be used once:

01697824 CopyDmg *
03284579 HeroSwrd P
15789208 AirShot3 *
21247895 HiCannon *
31549798 Spreader *
33157825 GaiaBlde *
50098263 Muramasa M
54390805 Thndrblt *
63997824 VarSword F
65497812 Salamndr *
76889120 StpCross S
88543997 Tsunami *
95913876 GtStrght S
19878934 SetSand
23415891 AirShoes
24586483 SneakRun
41465278 WpnLV +1
67918452 QuickGge
11002540 SpinBlue
28274283 SpinGrn
72563938 SpinRed
77955025 SpinWht
90690648 Mr. Famous' wristband
05088930 Untrap
24586483 SneakRun
35331089 Unlocker
46823480 Untrap
56892168 FullEnrg
57789423 MiniEnrg
86508964 MiniEnrg
87824510 LockEnmy
99826471 FullEnrg

Hidden Navi
After you beat Alpha and have gotten all 5 stars and have beaten the Omega Navis go to Special Area 3. Now go to were Serenade is standing go behind her to face Zero.exe. His HP is 1500. Now go to Dexs Hp and there will be Zero.exe V2 with 1900 Hp. Finally jack into Higsbys Numberman mascot. V3 will randomly appear with 2400 Hp. Jack out and then go to were Alpha is he will be replaced by Omega Zero.exe with 3000 Hp.

The Secret of the Stars
As you continue on, new stars appear nest to "Continue" on the title screen. Each star indicates a special achievement.

Yellow Star: Defeat Alpha
Green Star: Defeat Bass GS
Light Blue Star: Complete the time attack Navis
Blue Star: Obtain all 200 Standard Chips
Purple Star: Obtain all 85 Mega-Class Chips

With these 5 Stars obtained, you're on your way to the final challenge: finding and defeating the Omega Navis.
On the title screen move the cursur to "Continue" and press and hold left, then enter this button code: R ,R ,L ,R ,L ,R ,L , L. A Space then opens for 2 more Stars, and the Omega Navis are Unleashed on the net.

Red Star: Defeat Omega Navis
Orange Star: Complete ALL 32 Program Advances

Once you've obtained all 7 Stars, go to the WWW Isle and take on Alpha once again for a special ending and Alpha's exclusive Chip: AlphaArmÓ (in white) and AlphaArm¿ (in blue).

Omega Navis
NOTE: This can only be done by obtaining the Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, and Purple Star. After obtaining those, pressing R,R,L,R,L,R,L,L on "Continue in the title Screen.

Navi Location
FlashMan§Ù Principal's PC 2
BeastMan§Ù Zoo Computer 3
BubbleMan§Ù Yoka Net 2
DesertMan§Ù TV Van
PlantMan§Ù Hospital Computer 3
FlamMan§Ù Undernet 3
DrillMan§Ù Undernet 5
GutsMan§Ù Dex's Homepage
MetalMan§Ù Tamako's Homepage
MistMan§Ù/BowlMan§Ù DNNStudio NetBattle Machine
DarkMan§Ù Secret Net 1
JapanMan§Ù Secret Net 2
ProtoMan§Ù Hades Net
Serenade§Ù Secret Net 3
Bass§Ù Secret Net 3

When you defeat an Omega Navi, it will give you its Version5 of its chip! This will gain you the Red Star. Good Luck!

The Version3's of the boss Navis give different versions of their Chips depending on how well you fare against them. But normally the highest Chip you can get is their V3. In order to pickup their V4 you must be in the Team Style, and defeat them with an S Rating within 20 seconds.

Or the ezier way (i got most of their V4 by this method)
If you have a lot of BugFrags, take the random chance of earning their V4 there, the BugFrag machine is found in Secret Net 3 where you fight Bass GS.

Bass GS and Serenede
Once u have acces to the "secret net," go through the passages untill u get to "secret net 3." once there, go through the passage to the right (the first passage to the right) there will be a mini passage, if u go through, at the end, there will be a bug trading machine. This will give u the rarest chips. once u get all the chips, go back to the top of the stair way by going straight instead of right, there will be a door that hides the king of the secret net! Serenede. he is strong, he deflects back any attacks u hit him with any attacks(he is only vulnerable when he is attacking). once u defeat him, go back to bug trader and feed it 300 bug frags. this will unleash the wrath of Bass GS. He is A LOT stronger than serenede and can kill u fast. So good luck.

Defeating Bass GS fast
To defeat Bass GS fast this is what u have to do... first equip a geddon #3, this will turn all pannels into poison (the poison will still affect him even with his aura on). Then equip a Sancuary to make your pannels a sancuary (this will help u not to take full damage on an attack). then press select on "sancuary" so it will come up first when u fight him, equip your best chips, and wait 'till the geddon #3chip comes so u can use it. this will help u defeat Bass GS fast. Good luck!

Defeating FlamMan Fast
Before you fight Flam Man, be sure to put an "area grab" in your folder. Once you do that go to your folder and go to the "area grab", press select on it {automatically it will appear first when you fight Flamman}. Once this is done, fight him, use your "area grab" first because it protects you from his Chaos Flame.The rest is then easy, just destroy his candles that are red and green. Make sure to equip a lot of water chips, especially "aqua swords".

Secret Net
After you beat Alpha go back to where you got the Forbidden Program and jack in. You have to have beaten Alpha and collected at least 100 battle chips.

Get Styles Early
You can get a style even before the Bubbleman saga. All you have to do is fight and win at least 100 battles and then you should get a style change to one of the styles depending on how you battled.

Make a Life Sword
If you want a powerful sword you need to get sword E, wide sword E, and long sword E. Do it in this order and then you can get an advance and a life sword.

Aqua Costum
Beat bubble mans 3 goons 3 times to get the aqua costume. Note: might be electric-ground style.

Number Man Machine
Enter one of the following codes in the Number Man machine at Higsby's shop to get the corresponding item:

Item Code

Air Chute 3 chip 15789208
Air Shoes 23415891
Copy Damage chip 01697824
Enemy Search sub-chip 87824510
Full Energy sub-chip 56892168
Fumikomi Cross S chip 76889120
Guts Straight S chip 95913876
Mini-Energy sub-chip 86508964
Muramasa Blade M chip 50098263
Open Lock sub-chip 35331089
Paladin Sword P chip 03284579
Quick Gauge 67918452
Set Sand 19878934
Shinobi Dash sub-chip 24586483
Spin Blue 11002540
Spin Green 28274283
Spin Red 72563938
Spin White 77955025
Spread Gun chip 31549798
Untrap sub-chip 05088930
Variable Sword F chip 63997824
Weapon Level +1 41465278

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