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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Hot Shots Golf : Open Tee 2

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Game Name : Hot Shots Golf : Open Tee 2
System : PSP
Date Added : 2008-06-23 05:59:03
Views : 22267

These are the courses you can unlock in the game.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Autumn PagodaDefeat Alice in VS. Mode
Central Golf SquareDefeat Malachy in VS. Mode
Dino ParkDefeat Lee in VS. Mode
El AndesDefeat Mifune in VS. Mode
Fortress YardDefeat Lee in VS. Mode
Gamelan Island ResortDefeat Lauryn in VS. Mode
Golden DesertDefeat Montcalm in VS. Mode
Michinoku PassDefeat Frau Ada in VS. Mode
Olive CoastDefeat Frau Ada in VS. Mode
Royal LinksDefeat Lauryn in VS. Mode

Secret Character Mizuki
Sometimes while playing as Mizuho, it will automatically switch to her twin sister (Mizuki). Mizuki has a completely different personality from Mizuho - it is sometimes interpreted as Mizuho having a split personality. That is not the case, she just has an alternate hidden character.

Hidden Treasures
These are items hidden on the courses that you can unlock
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Aikidu SenseiAutumn Pagoda Hole 13
Baquette Club IntermediateCentral Golf Square Hole 2
Baseball HelmetNagawaka Hole 3
Beginners Club IntermediateOlive Coast Hole 10
Big Air Club ExpertEl Andes Hole 18, Use a male character
Big Paper FanSouth Alps Hole 3
Big Serve Club IntermediateGamelan Island Resort Hole 4
Black AfroGamelan Island Resort Hole 6
Bottle Club ExpertNagawaka Hole 13
Busby HatFortress Yard Hole 15
Caveman OutfitEl Andes Hole 12
CH Paddle Club ExpertFortress Yard Hole 17
Clown CarCentral Golf Square Hole 17
Cricket HelmetRoyal Links Hole 17
Flamenco DressFortress Yard Hole 7
Flight StewardDino Park Hole 14
Flower KimonoNagawaka Hole 16
Gloria's OutfitCentral Golf Square Hole 12, Use Gloria
Gnome BeardGolden Desert Hole 2
Golfing TrousersSouth Alps Hole 7
Infinity Club IntermediateRoyal Links Hole 7
Iron MaceAutumn Pagoda Hole 16, Use a male character
Karate UniformMichinoku Pass Hole 17
Kung Fu CostumeEl Andes Hole 10
Leisure SuitOlive Coast Hole 6
Maid's HeadpieceOlive Coast Hole 18
Mandarin GownGamelan Island Resort Hole 16
Monkey's CostumeGolden Desert Hole 14
Navy SweaterRoyal Links Hole 3
Ninja OutfitAutumn Pagoda Hole 5
Pin Hole Club IntermediateGolden Desert Hole 12
Royal HanbokDino Park Hole 17
Rugby UniformCentral Golf Square Hole 14
Samurai KimonoAutumn Pagoda Hole 8
Soccer Uniform 2Royal Links Hole 5
Stable BoyMichinoku Pass Hole 7
Turbo Spin Club BeginnerSouth Alps Hole 17

These are the characters you can unlock in the game.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
AliaSouth Alps Hole 14, Equip the magic broom
AliceBeat in Begineer VS. Mode
C.J.Olive Coast Hole 4, Use Patricia
ChadBeat in Platinum VS. Mode
Frau AdaBeat in Pro VS. Mode
GloriaFortress Yard Hole 16, Cross-Dress Chad
HollyDino Park Hole 6, Use Malachy
JulieAutumn Pagoda Hole 17, Use Mifune
LaurynBeat in Bronze VS. Mode
LeeBeat in Gold VS. Mode
LoganGolden Desert Hole 13, Equip Big Air Expert Club
MalachyBeat in Amateur VS. Mode
MifuneBeat in Silver VS. Mode
MikaNagawaka Hole 12, Chip-in a shot
MontcalmBeat in Seeded-Pro VS. Mode
PatriciaGamelan Island Resort Hole 1, Use a male equipped with a swimsuit
RioCentral Golf Square Hole 6, Bogey Hole 5
RogerEl Andes Hole 17, Use Frau Ada
ShuMichinoku Pass Hole 15, Use a female character

Easy Loyalty
To gain easy loyalty with your characters, simply go to Challenge mode and find a VS match to play. Once you start, hit Start and choose the Give Up option. Do this three times and you will lose the match. There is no downside to this, but your loyalty with that character will go up.

Outfit Items
These items can be won by getting more than the points listed in the minigame or by making the particular trick shot.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Baby on the Go60+ Foot Putt
Biker SuitHole in One
Chief Seven Iron400 Points
Comedy Suit600 Points
IV DripRising Shot
Knight HelmHoming Ball
Knight's Armour700 Points
Pink Outfit300 Points
Priestess KimonoDouble Eagle
Soccer Uniform 1500 Points
Wedding VeilFlag Ball Shot
YukataSpiral Shot

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