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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Mortal Kombat:Tournament Edition

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Game Name : Mortal Kombat:Tournament Edition
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2008-02-23 21:04:50
Views : 18414

Scorpion: Endless combo
First, do the Spear with the combo Back(2), B. When the enemy is close, kick them into the air with the following combo: hold Up then press A to kick, then press A to kick them again. This part is crucial. When you have kicked them into the air the second time, press Back(2), B to do the Spear again. Repeat this process and the combo should never end.

Fight as Sektor
Successfully complete tag mode the hard difficulty setting. Continues can be used.

Faster text scrolling
Hold R while text is scrolling to make it faster.

Different Color Weapons
Enter this at the screen where they show you who your opponent is. Hold both buttons until the round begins. These can also be done in between rounds.
Hold up and press A.Blue Weapons
Hold the R button and press A.Red Weapons.
Hold Up, R, & LWeapon color is BLACK
Hold Up & LWeapon color is GREEN
Hold L & RWeapon color is ORANGE
Hold Up & RWeapon color is PURPLE
Hold the L button and press A.Yellow Weapons.

Shang Tsung: Morphs
When playing as Shang Tsung, use the following moves to morph into another fighter.

Sareena: Press Down(2), L.
Johnny Cage: Press Forward(2), L.
Raiden: Press Down, Away, L.
Drahmin: Press Down, Up, L.
Nitara: Press Forward, Away, L.
Cyrax: Press Up(2), L.
Quan Chi: Press Away, Forward, L.
Scorpion: Press Away(2), L.
Bo Rai Cho: Press Down, Forward, L.

Weapon Fatalities
A weapon fatality is basically a combo with the weapon the character uses. At the end, blood sprays and your opponent falls to the ground. The message "WEAPON FATALITY" then appears. The weapon fatality must be earned and is not available until it is unlocked. This fatality is also character specific, meaning each character's weapon fatality must be unlocked to use it. This requires unlocking them in Koffins or completing survival mode thirteen times.

Scorpion: Press Up, Down, Kick.
Johnny Cage: Press Up, Down, Kick.
Sareena: Press Down, Up, Kick.
Reptile: Press Up, Back, Kick.
Nitara: Press Down(2), Punch.
Hsu Hao: Press Up, Forward, Punch.
Bo Rai Cho: Press Down, Back, Kick.
Quan Chi: Press Down, Forward, Kick.
Drahmin: Press Down(2), Kick.
Mavado: Press Down, Back. Kick.
Shang Tsung: Press Back(2), Punch.
Raiden: Press Up, Down, Kick.
Cyrax: Press Up(2), Punch.
Sektor: Press Down(2), Kick.
Noob Saibot: Press Up, Back, Kick.

Fight as Noob Saibot
Successfully complete single player arcade mode and tag team mode with all default and bonus characters, except for Sektor. Then, successfully complete single player arcade mode under the hard or higher difficulty setting as Scorpion in the Reaper costume.

Fight as Reptile
Successfully complete single player arcade mode with all default fighters under the normal or higher difficulty setting.

Nitara: Press Up, Forward, Punch (Midnight Snack).
Mavado: Press Forward, Back, Punch (Tenderize).
Johnny Cage: Press Forward, Back, Punch (Lobotomy).
Sektor: Press Back(2), Forward, Kick.
Hsu Hao: Press Back, Forward, Kick (Lazer Slice).
Sareena: Press Back(2), Kick (Death Flurry).
Bo Rai Cho: Press Back(2), Kick (Big Bounce).
Cyrax: Press Down, Up, Kick (Rag Doll Slam).
Rayden: Press Down, Up, Kick (Shock Therapy).
Noob Saibot: Press Up, Forward, Kick.
Drahmin: Press Back, Up, Kick.
Shang Tsung: Press Down, Up, Kick (Slam & Stomp).
Quan Chi: Press Back, Back, Kick (Neck Rip).
Scorpion: Press Forward, Back, Kick (Brain Gain).

Fight as Hsu Hao
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.

Shang Tsung: More damage
While playing as Shang Tsung, morph into Scorpion and use the Fire move (Down, Away, A). If your opponent blocks, keep doing it and they should stay in the blocking position. Do it until you morph back into Shang Tsung. The attack when you morphed back should do more damage.

Shang Tsung: Noob Saibot morph
Press Back, Down, Forward, L in a battle to morph into Noob Saibot. This lets you use his moves and do his fatality, except for his weapon fatality. Note: You do not have to unlock Noob Saibot to use Shang Tsung's morph. This does not unlock Noob Saibot.

Fight as Drahmin
Successfully complete tag mode under the normal or higher difficulty setting.

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