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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Mortal Kombat 2

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Game Name : Mortal Kombat 2
System : Genesis
Date Added : 2005-01-24 12:42:39
Views : 18218

Strange Debug Cheat
Basically, you need to input the TEST MODE code(Left, Down, Left, Right, Down, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right when the flashing cursor is highlighting DONE!) before any of this can take place. You MUST turn on the following options-Player one takes no damage, one hit kill Player one AND two, One button fatalites, computer does fatalities, Oooh, Nasty!, maximum time on the clock, credits set to thirty, and the six-button controller configuration must be in effect. Now play through the first contender until the last committing fatality after fatality in every stage, try your best to fight Smoke(he can be hard to reach, so remember, The Portal Stage, Down and Start when Dan "Toasty" Forbes appears((this just makes the cheat easier to do, don't know why))), fight Jade(win the first round using only Low Kick against the contender below the "?" space), beat Kintaro in under 10 seconds TOTAL, and fight Shao Khan using only projectiles(Sub-Zero's Iceball, Scorpion's spear, etc., etc.). He'll die the first round rather fast unless he just keeps doing that stupid shoulder charge over and over again, in which you can't die, but it just keeps you from killing him fast enough for this to work. In the second round, just tap him with a jumping kick(doesn't always work) or a projectile(Sub-Zero's works the best, I think because it freezes him and still kills him at the same time with one hit kills on). Shao Khan should then freeze up in that granite-like state right before he would explode normally. What will happen is kind of up to time at this point, because Shao Khan will either sit there and shake like he's going to explode until the timer runs out, in which you get a GAME OVER screen for all your work, or he will simply unfreeze and you will not be able to damage him AT ALL. You'll both just fight back and forth until the timer runs out, in which you'll get your character's ending screen text or the game will freeze up in Stage 4(The Armory) during a demo with Raiden and Liu Kang fighting until the exact ti! me Raide n does the Superman and Liu Kang does his flying kick simultaneously(this is VERY rare). Trust me, I let it sit there once for two or three hours, it'll still be there when you come back. You must press RESET or power off the system to go back to defaults.

NOTE: The first time this happened to me, it was just a fluke, because I had just found out about the TEST MODE cheat and just happened to have ALL of these specific options on at once. It didn't happen again until a week later, and I noticed a pattern. To make it work, you may have to try this over and over. It's nothing special, but it's pretty funny to watch.

Acid Bath
This tricks works on the "Dead Pool" stage (the one with the green acid in the background.)

When the screen says "Finish Him!", hold Low Punch + Low Kick, press and hold Down, then press High Punch. If you did it right you'll send your opponent into the acid.

To do a fergality, enter Test Mode, then change the background to 6 and enable the "Ooh Nasty" option. Next choose Rayden as your character and finish your opponent with Away, Away, Away, Block.

Fight Jade
To fight Jade, make your way to the match before the question mark. Defeat your opponent with only the Low Kick button and your joystick. If you succeed, Jade will be your next opponent.

Fight Noob
To fight Noob the Faceless, win 25 matches in a row and you'll see the message, "Incredible winning streak! A new warrior awaits you." After he kicks the stuffing out of you, you can try another 25 in a row and give him another shot. Good luck!

Fight Smoke
On the red portal stage, keep doing upper cuts until Dan "Toasty" Forden (the guy who always says toasty) comes out. Then very quickly, press Down + Start. You will then be able to fight Smoke.

Ping Pong
Beat a second player 250 matches in a row and you will be transported to another dimension where the two fighters become ping pong rackets. You and your opponent will then play a brief game of ping pong before being transported back to the normal fighting.

Pizza Man
Activate Test Mode (see below) and choose NO DAMAGE TO PLAYER 1. Then enter the contest with Shang Tsung. When the guy who says "Toasty" comes out he will resemble a pizza like creature.

Play As Smoke
To play as Smoke, you must have a Game Genie. Attach Mortal Kombat 2 to the Game Genie and enter the password: B4MT-BE76. Start the game,then switch to Controller two. Choose your character, and when you go into battle you will be Smoke.

Warp To Shao Kahn
At the Options menu, press A, B, C, C, C, B, B, A, A, A, A. When Shao Kahn appears, quickly press B to go to the final stage.

Sub Zero's Freeze
Pick Sub Zero at character screen. Then when you fight hit the arrow on the game pad facing the opponent between the left and right arrow keys and a at the same time.Caution:if you freeze the opponent and the opponent is already frozen you will get freezed.


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